The Radiant Pain Relief Member Support Network (MSN) has a mission to help elevate and standardize care, improve outcomes, and expand access to Scrambler Therapy™ for clinicians and pain sufferers.

In order for patients to find relief through Scrambler Therapy™ it must first make clinical and financial sense for a practice to integrate it. Furthermore, the treatment protocols must be standardized and supported to create constancy.

The Radiant Pain Relief Team has over a decade of direct and exclusive clinical utilization of Scrambler Therapy™ across multiple sites. This unique experience, other professional experience of the core team allows Radiant to provide unique insights, support, and best-practices to maximize the clinical and financial value of Scrambler Therapy™ in your practice.

Membership has three tiers of support to meet the needs of each member practice.

Tier 1 – Clinical Support – Initial training, review and standardization introduction; full time access to slack group and the clinical library, real time support (up to two hours a month), and participation in live monthly clinical in-service calls

Tier 2 – Business Support – members receive all Tier 1 Membership offerings, plus customized branding, and business support, including sales training, coaching, and business mentorship, the custom development of documents, brochures, flyers, and participation in live monthly coaching and development calls

Tier 3 – Marketing Support – members receive all Tier 1 and Tier 2 offerings, plus organic lead generation though Radiant’s lead share program, which automatically filters organic leads to the practice, as well as access to discounted marketing support help further support the member practice’s business goals

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