The Future of Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic pain is a huge, complicated problem, which most clinical professionals touch in some way. Yet most of the therapies that exist are limited, outdated, and inconsistent. The scientific understanding of pain, chronic pain in particular has changed significantly in recent years. Yet the therapies have not. This is due to the latency it takes for new science to filter is way through the masses, both consumers and healthcare professionals, and because of economic disincentive to both consumers and healthcare professionals to move away from therapies that have insurance coverage/reimbursement.

We now understand chronic pain to be problem of the brain, not so much the tissue. Yet most therapies consist of approaches that only address the tissue, or they are pharmaceutical, with impact to the entire chemistry of the body. For these reasons, the current treatment options are often ineffective, and may in fact be risky, dangerous, or addictive.

The science clearly indicates that lll pain comes from the brain, and in chronic pain the brain becomes “wired” to expect pain, to cause that pain to grow, and to perceive it as the new normal rather than a temporary indicator of a problem in which the pain is serving a protective and productive purpose.

Despite the lack of consistently effective therapies for chronic pain, the medical establishment is not set up to welcome and embrace new technologies quickly and effectively. For this reason, we’re building a new approach. Our vision is to change the way chronic pain is understood and treated, and to build a chain of clinics which offer a safer, more consistently effective and appealing treatment based upon this more modern pain science.

Just as other companies have disrupted their industries with new technology, new models, and new thinking, (e.g. Uber, Airbnb, Tesla), Radiant Pain Relief Centres are pioneering and developing new technologies and improve care delivery models to shift understand about pain. We serve only one master—the person who suffers with chronic pain. Radiant, much like other notable disrupters, starts with the end user, creating, offering, and delivering value. This value translates to revenues, profits, and shareholder value.

The Radiant model is a client model—a consumer-facing and consumer-focused model. It’s a consumer business that happens to address a healthcare problem. Like any successful business or brand, it is built upon delivering value. Like other disruptive businesses, it is built around thinking and delivering differently than others have done before. Rather than masking pain with a drug, an injection, or some physical approach to the tissue, Radiant’s therapies go to the root of chronic pain, which is the brain. Our therapies safely and effectively retrain the brain, restoring it back to a more normalized perception of pain.

The result is consistent, significant, often total relief that becomes lasting for nearly all types of chronic pain, without the side effects and risks of the other therapies that have existed previously. The therapy is different, novel, better, and disruptive, but the economics and operating realties (client and clinical time, training, opportunity costs) of it will not work equally well within the confines of the existing medical infrastructure. A better approach requires a better delivery. In fact, this means it must be delivered outside of the world of traditional medical infrastructure.

Our client outcomes are consistently positive and dramatic. The testimonials and success stories are moving and inspiring. These are driving a social shift and building proof that is more valid and more important than what has come before it, because it’s real and personal. Given the value of our offering, we could likely command much higher prices, but we choose to price our services in a way that is accessible to most people. I don’t want anyone feeling that Radiant has taken advantage of people.

For too long, people suffering with chronic pain have been limited to approaches that provide them with temporary relief or mask their symptoms, perhaps to their ultimate detriment. At Radiant, we’re building a model that breaks this vicious cycle, providing significant, long-term relief in a soothing, welcoming, environment. We’re building real, compassionate relationships with our clients and offering our services at an affordable cost. This is the future of chronic pain relief.

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