Radiant Pain Relief Introduction

With our Radiant therapy, Kyle was able to avoid risk, expensive surgery and narcotic painkillers.

Success Story: Todd & Peripheral Neuropathy

Todd talks about being diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and how Radiant has helped reduced his chronic pain and changed his life.

Success Story: Gloria & Arthritic Pain

Gloria suffered from arthritic pain since she was 33. Watch the video to see how Radiant has helped her.

Success Story: How Dennis Overcame Pain in His Thumbs

Dennis’s first trip to Radiant Pain Relief Centres wasn’t for his own pain, but this fortunate encounter left him with a life changing experience.

From Tears of Pain to Tears of Laughter: My life changing health prayer was answered

My name is Rhona and I am 44 year old woman who has suffered from over a year of chronic pain. My life and health was in a dark cloud of chronic pain due to an accident in which I suffered a severe torn ligament, unbearable plantar fasciitis, and throbbing chronic back and neck pain. Due to my injuries, I was on a medical leave of work absence, and I was unable to maintain my daily living chores such as walking to the kitchen, cooking, and sadly could not even put on a shoe due to my gate and misalignment of my body. As most people do, I searched for professional medical help with orthopedics, spine specialist, and podiatrist. Many which involved testing of MRI scans, bone scans, ultrasounds, x-rays to determine the cause of pain. The diagnostic conclusion was Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Months went by with unsuccessful treatments such as nerve and anti inflammatory pain medications, physical therapy, activity restriction, and wearing an orthopedic boot.

My hope, belief and guidance of the lord, led me to seek medical attention from my country boundaries of St. Kitts in the Eastern Caribbean to Portland, Oregon. I was in search of such a healing treatment which did not involve any surgical procedures, medical implantations or devices and I did not want to continue living on pain medications. With a simple thought of thinking outside of medical box, I was able to find Radiant Pain Relief Centres by a simple google search. The treatment provided me the type of drug-free, natural, and affordable care (payment option plan) I was seeking in a short amount of my travel time. My search was over as this amazing facility offered me a treatment which allowed me to be hopeful, positive and most of all relief from the entire chronic, long -term stabbing shooting nerve pain I was experiencing. My pain level has gone from 8 (severe pain) to almost a complete 0 (no pain) within the recommended treatment course.

Many thanks and praise I give to the remarkable team at Radiant Pain Relief Centres. This unique medical facility and staff offer compassion, commitment and the best communication throughout the course of treatment from start to finish. The environment and energy is very warm, friendly, and loving. Each staff member has a strong passionate commitment to each and every patient’s medical and emotional needs using their kind words of honesty and truthfulness. The staff personally spends quality time with each patient to get them on a personal level and supports them during each treatment. The team members are not only present for guidance but also listen to needs and health concerns of each patient and family member. All members of this Radiant team are very professional, understanding and believe in healing those whom suffer from pain.

Because of Radiant Pain Relief Centres amazing team, I was able to achieve my quality of life and health back and continue to enjoy life smiling with no pain!

Rhona | St. Kitts, Eastern Caribbean

Life-changing treatment option

I experienced the onset of muscle and nerve pain in my neck and back, made worse by long hours working as a general dentist. Eventually, my condition became so severe that I could no longer practice clinical dentistry. It became extremely discouraging to spend a great deal of money and valuable time on treatments and doctor visits hoping to find something to alleviate the pain. As a last resort, several expensive surgical options were recommended with less than ideal success rates. Fortunately, before I committed to surgery, my family physician recommended a treatment offered at Radiant Pain Relief Centres. I was cautiously optimistic after years of failed treatment, but I was offered a FREE initial treatment to see if the type of pain I experienced could be treated with the Radiant Pain Relief Centres’ technology. I loved the opportunity to try the treatment before investing additional time and money. The process was actually relaxing and best of all; I experienced 100%, true pain relief before the end of my first free treatment. My experience with the Radiant’s treatment using Scrambler Therapy was unique in that I finally experienced successful, sustained pain relief, allowing me to return to my day-to-day responsibilities. This was a game changer for me. I was able to avoid risky and expensive surgery, narcotic painkillers and weeks of recovery from a costly surgical procedure without knowing the outcome. It was an easy decision after experiencing a successful free treatment and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My sincere praise for the life-changing treatment option is given with complete confidence. My only regret is that I didn’t have the opportunity to receive treatment five years ago, but then I may not have appreciated how incredible a simple, non-invasive treatment option could provide such profound success. It was definitely an experience unlike any other. The feeling of true 100% pain relief after years of chronic, debilitating pain is unlike anything I’ve experienced and given me my life back. A sincere thank you to the wonderful team at Radiant Pain Relief Centres.

Kyle Valentine, DMD | Portland, OR

This is a Miracle

10 years. That’s how long I have had severe and chronic abdominal pain. A complication from a day surgery resulted in a diagnoses of Pancreatitis. It should have gone away after several weeks but for some unknown reason, the pain never went away. It has been like I have had Pancreatitis for the past ten years. Abdominal pain has been with me everyday since then, until I found a story about Scrambler Therapy and how it can help with nerve pain issues. Within 30 minutes, on my first visit, Scrambler Therapy erased my abdominal pain! It was temporary and only last 20 minutes but it was 20 hopeful minutes and a start to a new life. I signed up for the recommended initial sessions and held my breath that Radiant Pain Centres could duplicate that miracle of being pain free. I am so happy to tell you I am a success story! My journey isn’t over but I continue to expand how many days I am pain free and, each time the pain returns, it is less and easily stopped with just one, or two, additional sessions. I am off most of my pain medications and continue to decrease the amount of medications I take. This is a miracle, this machine and the people at Radiant Pain Centres have given me a new lease on life. I can’t thank them enough.

Laina R. | Portland, OR

It truly is life changing. I feel like I got “me” back.

“The pain in my Right hip started about 22 years ago. Eventually I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis. I was prescribed Norco® and even tried a Fentanyl Patch. Both made me sluggish and I was tired of feeling drugged up all the time. When the pain settled in my back and hands the medication was no longer an option. I heard about Radiant Pain Relief Centre’s Scrambler therapy from my doctor; he suggested that it might be something that could help relieve my pain. After waiting for 6 months, I finally came in and tried the treatment. I couldn’t believe I was out of pain with my very first treatment. Prior to the first treatment my fingers were claw-like, and I couldn’t grip anything and everything was painful. I was living through the pain. I still cooked and cleaned and maintained my life the best way I could. I used my hands daily for my work too. I restore, refurbish and repurpose glass, metals and wood pieces at an antique store. But I couldn’t live with this daily pain anymore. Today I am grateful for Scrambler Therapy and the staff at Radiant Pain Relief Centres. It truly is life changing. I feel like I got “me” back. I feel like it gets better and better over time. Every time I come in for a booster I feel better than I did the last time. It’s like a miracle. I can do the things I love again. Being a wife and a mother, working with my hands daily on projects and enjoying out door cycling and skiing again. It’s so life changing that I think everyone in chronic pain should come in and try it. Come in and meet the wonderful staff and try a complimentary treatment. See how it can change your life too!!

Gloria B. | Sandy, OR