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As a medical professional, you undoubted know the complexity of the chronic pain problem.  The opioid addiction mess makes this problem even more urgent, while underscoring the limited option for managing persistent and chronic pain.  

At Radiant, we offer an attractive, sensible business opportunity for medical professionals to participate with us in delivering a safe, consistently effective and highly appealing solution to the enormous problem of chronic pain, and a strong contrast to the opioid crisis.  This is a business opportunity you, your clients, and community can feel really good about.  

Clinical highlights include:

  • Therapy based upon the latest scientific understanding of pain, which makes clear that pain is neurogenic and chronic pain is a brain problem more than a tissue problem
  • Technologies used to retrain the brain, and through neuroplasticity restore the brain back to a more normalized perception of pain
  • Significant relief, which becomes lasting for most types of chronic pain
  • No drugs, needles, surgery or side effects

We’re offering a unique business opportunity in a local center, highlights include:

  • Flexible investment amounts
  • Attractive returns based upon topline revenues
  • 100% passive participation which complies with Stark and anti-kickback laws

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