Safe, Consistently Effective, Relief That Lasts

If you or someone you love is dealing with chronic pain, you know how difficult living in chronic pain is in so many ways seen or unseen. It is a complicated and multifaceted problem. Often the solutions commonly prescribed don’t provide adequate relief and in some cases may actually make things more complicated. The opioid addiction epidemic is a glaring example of that on both individual and global proportions. But there is hope.

Scrambler Therapy™ is a novel, FDA cleared chronic pain treatment, which is based upon the most modern neuroscientific understanding of pain. The therapy uses skin surface electrodes, to transmit dynamic, changing artificial nerve signals, which help calm the nervous system and reduce pain in the short.

Through a series of treatments over time, typically daily for two to three weeks, and the principles of neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to learn), the relief can become lasting. Periodic booster treatments can maintain the results perpetually. And unlike most treatments which lose efficacy overtime, or require higher and higher doses, Scrambler Therapy™ treatment facilitates a process of healing that generally requires less usage over time.

Treatment is safe, consistently effective, and for most people produces significant relief which lasts. Start your relief journey today!