Effective, Sensible, Clinically Valuable

Chronic pain sufferers can be complicated, suffering not just pain, but often other comorbidities which exacerbate their condition and make helping them resolve their pain through common treatment options a genuine challenge. Having a new tool in the clinical armamentarium can be a game changer, particularly one that is effective at producing significant relief without drugs, needles, surgery and none of the potential complications and risks that arise from those interventions.

Scrambler Therapy™ can be an invaluable treatment option for patients who have not found relief through other modalities or for whatever reason are not candidates for those treatments.

However, Scrambler Therapy™ has some unique characteristics that make integrating this novel therapy into busy medical practices and existing clinical settings a challenge.

Treatment with Scrambler Therapy™ is a process, not a procedure. This process requires the right clinical training, support, and care delivery model within the clinic in order to translate to consistent outcomes for patients.

Furthermore, there is no viable reimbursement path for Scrambler Therapy™ which adds another layer of consideration with regard to how it is priced, sold, and supported to be both attractive for patients and viable and sustainable for the practice.

However, when integrated and modeled correctly, Scrambler Therapy™ can be a highly effective clinical tool to help many patients reclaim their lives. And it can be a lucrative addition to the practice, turning existing cost structures within a clinic into profit centers and sending new money right to the bottom line, in a way that is almost entirely passive for the doctor and practice owner.

Radiant Pain Relief’s Member Support Network can help you maximize your investment in Scrambler Therapy™ through:

  • elevated clinical training, support, and protocols
  • refined, turnkey business systems
  • sensible selling and marketing support which are both clinically appropriate and effective

Take the next step in achieving success with Scrambler Therapy™ through the Radiant Pain Relief Member Support Network (MSN).

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