Using electro stimulation, Scrambler Therapy substitutes pain with non-pain information.

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The Future of Chronic Pain Treatment

The “Gate Control Theory” of pain has been the dominant theory since its introduction in the 1960’s. It seems to be quite satisfactory for explaining acute pain. However, any clinician who treats patients with chronic pain will readily recognize the insufficiency of the “Gate Control Theory” in explaining chronic pain. Clearly, the supratentorial and even higher cognitive centers in the brain play a huge role. Professor Marineo has proposed an “Information Theory” of chronic pain that takes these higher processes into account.

The epidemic of chronic pain and the failure of historical treatment methods to effectively address the problem are well documented in the literature and in the media. The US Surgeon General and the Center For Disease Control have both, independently, announced strong recommendations against using opioids as a treatment option for chronic pain. Yet, the other pharmaceutical, surgical, physical and CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) options are not much better.

At Radiant we’re working hard to change the way that chronic pain is treated. We believe that our therapy is The Future of Chronic Pain Treatment, because it:

  • Uses no drugs, needles, surgery and is free of side effects.
  • Is consistently effective with patients typically experiencing significant relief in the first session.
  • Becomes durable relief through following the recommended treatment protocol of daily sessions for 2-3 weeks and periodic booster treatments as necessary to maintain results perpetually.
  • We average an 84% reduction in pain and more than 90% of our patients conclude therapy with zero or near zero levels of pain (0-3 on a VAS pain scale).
  • Affordable for nearly all patients through our appealing payment models.

As a clinical professional, finding an effective resource for your chronic pain patients is certainly a concern of yours. We hope you’ll consider referring your patients to Radiant Pain Relief Centres.

The first treatment session is always free, so there is no risk in trying it and you can feel confident to refer your patients. We welcome you to accompany your patient so you can see first-hand the quality of care and the remarkable results we typically produce. If you’re interested in learning more about business and investment opportunities, read our Investor Info.

More About Radiant’s Scrambler Therapy

Radiant has spent the last several years proving their model around FDA-cleared technology, which is known in the Medical Literature as Scrambler Therapy, and also previously commercialized under the name Calmare. Radiant is developing new technology and other innovative solutions which are based on the latest scientific understanding of pain. These technologies, when interwoven into a refined care model like that built at Radiant are uniquely capable to maximize client accessibility and efficacy for treating chronic pain, and to build a strong consumer brand, necessary to change the way chronic pain is understood and treated.

Scrambler Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses cutaneous (skin surface) electro stimulation through an artificial neuron (electrodes) by substituting the pain information for non-pain information. The device digitally synthesizes 16 different algorithms of low amperage (3.50-5.50 mA), which simulates normal nerve action potentials. The algorithms have variables in outputs, frequency, duration and amplitude of modulations that are generated. By utilizing these variables the brain perceives these as normal nerve transmissions of the artificial “no pain” replacing the present pain signals. This works on the pain neuro-matrix of the nervous system from the superficial dermatomes on the skin to the dorsal horn of the spinal cord to the central nervous system to the cortex of the brain. This new message code changes the brain’s acceptance of the non-pain code as the real message. Through the neuroplastic capacity of the brain, it learns to search for this signal and will establish the state of homeostasis of the pain neuro-matrix.

"Scrambler Therapy technology is based upon a novel theory of chronic pain. Unlike acute pain, chronic pain is not a symptom, but a disease. In my research, I was able to develop an artificial neuron able to send no pain signals to the brain non-invasively. In this way the pain is eliminated immediately, and over time (on average 10 treatments) produces a process of healing from chronic pain, thus giving longevity to the pain relief.” — Professor Giuseppe Marineo, Treatment protocols

The electrodes are placed utilizing dermatomes just outside the pain areas to assure that the signal is being transmitted by healthy nerves (utilizing c-fibers rather than A-delta fibers). The device quickly determines pain relief coding unique to each individual using four variables. Treatments usually are 45-minute sessions each day for two weeks with a 2-day break midpoint. This will vary with individual response, origin of pain, and duration of pain as well as intensity.

Scrambler Therapy Technical Information

The electrical signals produced and transmitted are lower than a conventional TENS units. The highest setting measures at a voltage range of 6.5-12.5 V, and a maximum current density of 0.0002009 Ma/cm2 with a pulse rate of 43-52 hertz. The phase duration is 6.8-10.9 milliseconds. The amperage is in the 3.50-5.50 Ma range and has an average charge of 38.8 uC. The MC5-A multiprocessor model has five channels; each with two connected pairs of leads for placement.

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