Are you a physician or clinician interested in offering your patients a path to lasting pain relief without drugs, needles, surgery and the none of the side effects and risks of those treatment approaches? Scrambler Therapy technology can be the exact solution you’re seeking.

Radiant Pain Relief Centres, which is the FDA Authorized Agent in the US for the device manufacturer GEOMC, has the unique position of nearly a decade of clinical experience. These years of clinical wisdom translate to better clinical outcomes and financial results for you.

With Radiant’s support, you’ll get a better return on your equipment investment, and your patients will get the unmatched benefit of working with a vendor partner who knows what it takes deliver the best care possible.

Contact us today to learn about our very unique models to integrate Scrambler Therapy into your clinical armamentarium. If you’ve purchased a device from another vendor and are having difficulty monetizing it, please also reach out.