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Radiant Pain Relief Centre has been treating chronic pain patients for over 5 years.

Key Facts & Results

Radiant Pain Relief Centres is unique. The first Radiant Pain Relief Centre location opened in February, 2014 in West Linn, OR. In the years we’ve been operating, we’ve seen hundreds of patients, experiencing nearly every type of chronic pain, in literally every area of the body. Below are some of our exceptional results. For more information, please contact us.

More than 24 types of pain successfully treated, including:


 Post-Chemo Neuropathy

 Cervical Fusion

 Cervical Neuropathy

 Low Back Pain / Sciatica


 Back pain





 Post Herpetic Neuralgia


 Failed Back Surgery



 Post Concussive Disorder

 Diabetic Neuropathy

 Post Polio

 Bone Cancer Pain


 Cerebral Palsy

 Multiple Sclerosis



More than 22 areas of the body successfully treated, including:





 Back and Leg Pain


 Chest and Back



 Hands and Feet


 Head and Neck


 Leg and Foot



 Neck, Shoulder, Head

 Neck and Back



 Multiple (3 or more areas)

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