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Radiant Pain Relief Centres have helped hundreds of patients, like Pam, get pain relief.

Radiant Pain Relief Centres offer a unique and progressive treatment for chronic pain, which helps retrain the brain and restore it back to a more normal, healthy perception of pain. We have treated hundreds of patients with nearly every type of chronic pain imaginable. On average, our patients experience an 84% reduction in pain, and more than 90% of our patients conclude therapy with a pain score of zero or near zero.

By combining a highly refined care model with a novel FDA-cleared device known as Scrambler Therapy® we’re changing the way chronic pain is treated. Our patient-centered model uses this state of the art medical technology, which is non-invasive, non-drug based, safe and highly effective at significantly reducing, or completely eliminating, pain with lasting relief. This technology, along with a unique care and cost model, make our approach the most effective and appealing way to treat chronic pain. See our patient reviews.

Radiant Pain Relief Centres exclusively uses Scrambler Therapy® for the treatment of chronic pain. Because we have focused completely on this type of treatment, we’ve developed a level of expertise not found in most other clinics. We’ve also coupled this technology with a start-to-finish care model that ensures consistency, optimizes outcomes, and provides a patient experience unmatched anywhere. Our unique payment model, offered exclusively at Radiant, makes Scrambler Therapy® affordable while simultaneously promoting the optimal access to treatment for even the most severe chronic pain. For these reasons, patients seek us out, traveling from out of state, or out of country, because they trust Radiant Pain Relief Centres with their care. We offer a free evaluation and Scrambler Therapy® session, so patients can feel confident that this therapy can help them before they invest anything. Most patients tell us that this is the best investment they’ve ever made in the management of their chronic pain and perhaps in their healthcare all together.

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