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The Radiant Approach to Treating Chronic Pain

Many of our patients have been dealing with chronic pain for many months, years or decades. They have tried a variety of solutions but have not found satisfactory pain relief. For many this has caused a sense of discouragement, which can be as frustrating and difficult as the pain itself.

At Radiant Pain Relief Centres, individuals find a team of caring, compassionate staff that understands the difficulties of living in chronic pain. Through a highly refined, patient-centered care model that combines skillful patient communication and application of sophisticated FDA-cleared Scrambler Therapy®, patients can experience profound pain relief with lasting results.

Radiant Pain Relief Centres’ treatment does not use drugs, needles or surgery, but rather administers mild electrical impulses, which replicate normal, healthy nerve communications. These impulses communicate with and retrain how the brain perceives the chronic pain messages. The result is total or near total pain relief, which becomes lasting through the principles of neuroplasticity.

In most cases, significant pain relief is experienced in the first treatment session. Over a series of consecutive daily treatments for about 2-3 weeks, patients experience total or near total pain relief with results lasting for 30-90 days on average. Periodic booster treatments are administered when necessary to maintain optimal, ongoing relief.

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