Like many others who’ve undergone treatment, Lauri no longer experiences chronic pain in her foot.

The patient experience is critically important to all of us at Radiant Pain Relief Centres. Through our exclusive FDA-cleared treatment technology and our patient-centered care model, we’re able to produce profound and lasting pain relief. We strive to create a comfortable, highly communicative environment in which we work with every patient and their spouse, companion or family members to understand their circumstances and their goals for healing. To learn more about our patient testimonials, read the reviews here.

Treatment is administered non-invasively, without needles, surgery or drugs.

In chronic pain situations (when pain is present for 3-6 months or longer, or growing disproportionately to any underlying cause), there most often develops a neuropathic or nerve-related pain condition, in which “pain” has become the new default; what the sufferer perceives as the new “normal” pain response. Scrambler Therapy® Technology MC-5A uses a low-level electrical impulse to mimic the body’s natural nerve communications, and replace the chronic “pain” message with a “no pain” message. This messaging is delivered via electrodes placed on the skin.

In most cases patients experience significant relief in the first session. Through the principle of neuroplasticity, we’re able to retrain the brain and replace pain signals with no-pain signals to achieve lasting pain relief. Neuroplasticity means the brain is “plastic” or moldable and can learn new things. This process of learning, typically takes repeated exposure over time. Most patients need daily 45-minute treatment sessions for about 2-3 weeks to adequately retrain the brain and achieve optimal relief and lasting results. In some cases, more or fewer consecutive treatments are necessary to achieve optimal results.

There are typically no side effects to Scrambler Therapy® and in most cases, pain relief is substantial or complete – with lasting relief experienced 30-90 days following the initial therapy sessions on average. With booster treatment sessions (usually just 1-3 consecutive sessions) we can maintain optimal, lasting pain relief.

The cost of therapy at Radiant Pain Relief Centres is similar to the cost of most out of pocket drug therapies, but the value of our therapy, as measured in improved quality of life, is immeasurable for most of our patients. We have two convenient payment models, and most patients tell us it is the best investment they’ve ever made in the management of their chronic pain – and even the best decision regarding their health care generally.

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