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The Future of Chronic Pain Treatment
The epidemic of chronic pain and the failure of historical treatment methods to effectively address the problem are well documented in the literature and in the media. The US Surgeon General and the Center For Disease Control have both, independently, announced strong recommendations against using opioids as a treatment option for chronic pain. Yet, the other pharmaceutical, surgical, physical and CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) options are not much better.

At Radiant we’re working hard to change the way that chronic pain is treated. We believe that our therapy is The Future of Chronic Pain Treatment, because it:

  • Uses no drugs, needles, surgery and is free of side effects.
  • Is consistently effective with patients typically experiencing significant relief in the first session.
  • Becomes durable relief through following the recommended treatment protocol of daily sessions for 2-3 weeks and periodic booster treatments as necessary to maintain results perpetually.
  • Results in an average reduction in pain of 84% and more than 90% of our patients conclude therapy with zero or near zero levels of pain (0-3 on a VAS pain scale).
  • Is affordable for nearly all patients through our appealing payment models.

The first treatment session is always free, so there is no risk in trying it and you can feel confident to refer your patients. We welcome you to accompany your patient so you can see first-hand the quality of care and the remarkable results we typically produce.

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"The feeling of true 100% pain relief after years of chronic, debilitating pain is unlike anything I’ve experienced and given me my life back. A sincere thank you to the wonderful team at Radiant Pain Relief Centres."

-- Kyle V.

"It’s like a miracle. I can do the things I love again. Being a wife and a mother, working with my hands daily on projects and enjoying out door cycling and skiing again. It’s so life changing that I think everyone in chronic pain should come in and try it."

-- Gloria B.

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