Our Approach

At Radiant Pain Relief Centres, we know the challenges and disappointments of living daily with chronic pain. Most of our patients have dealt with chronic pain for years or even decades and have had limited success with other treatment options. What they discover at Radiant Pain Relief Centres is a non-invasive, non-drug-based therapy solution that is safe and effective. Our treatment team always puts patients’ needs first, resulting in a very high success rate.

With our exclusive FDA-cleared technology, Scrambler Therapy®, and patient-centered care model, we are able to produce exceptional pain relief outcomes. In most cases, pain relief is profound and lasting – typically 30-90 days of sustained pain reduction.

We look at every patient as an individual with unique needs and circumstances, and we strive to help them regain hope for a brighter tomorrow. We include the patient’s spouse, companion, family members or caregivers in the care experience, which we find aids in the positive experience and care outcomes.

Our approach to pain relief is unlike anything else available today. Combining state-of-the art technology in a refined, patient-centered care model, we are able to produce substantial lasting pain relief with a cost-effective, outcomes-based solution. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a complimentary evaluation.