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According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, 100 million Americans are suffering from chronic pain.  This is more than number of sufferers with Cancer, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease combined.  This costs about $600 billion a year in care and the loss of productivity.  

The epidemic of chronic pain and the failure of historical treatment methods to effectively address the problem are well documented in the medical literature and in the media.  The US Surgeon General and the Center For Disease Control have both, independently, come out with strong recommendations away from opioids as a treatment option for chronic pain.  Yet, the other pharmaceutical, surgical, physical and alternative treatment options are not much better.

At Radiant we’re working hard to change the way that chronic pain is treated.  We believe that our therapy is The Future of Chronic Pain Treatment, because it is:

  • Safe, consistently effective and appealing, with out drugs, needles, surgery and is free of side effects
  • Appealing and affordable payment model
  • Direct to consumer clinical business without direct competitors
  • Profitable with EBITDA margins greater than 35%
  • Scalable through process, systems and a strong team

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