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Understanding Chronic Pain

There are basically two-types of pain – chronic and acute. Acute pain serves a purpose, and is considered protective and productive. It alerts people suffering from a problem and reminds them to take it easy until it is healed. Chronic pain, on the other hand, no longer serves a productive or protective purpose and, in fact, may actually prevent the sufferer from functioning and healing as well as they could.  Chronic pain is a disease of its own in which pain grows in duration (beyond 3-6 months) and/or in intensity disproportionately to, or sometimes without, a clear underlying cause. When this happens, the brain has learned to accept, expect and generate the pain experience. An example of this is phantom pain, in which a person may feel explicit pain in a part of the body that is no longer there and should not be feeling anything, let alone pain. This same phenomenon happens in almost all types of chronic pain and is the reason that efforts to mask or dull the painful sensation are often unsuccessful. Trying to mask pain with a drug, an injection, physically manipulation, or even surgical intervention often does not produce lasting relief. While there may be some physical or mechanical factors which have or are contributing to pain, to get durable, lasting relief, the brain must be restored back to a more normal, healthy perception of pain.  

The Radiant Approach to Treating Chronic Pain 

Radiant Pain Relief Centres offer a unique and progressive treatment for chronic pain, which helps retrain the brain and restore it back to a more normal, healthy perception of pain.  We have treated hundreds of patients with nearly every type of chronic pain imaginable. On average, our patients experience an 84% reduction in pain, and more than 90% of our patients conclude therapy with a pain score of zero or near zero.

By combining a highly refined care model with a novel FDA-cleared device known as Scrambler Therapy® we’re changing the way chronic pain is treated. Our patient-centered model uses this state of the art medical technology, which is non-invasive, non-drug based, safe and highly effective at significantly reducing, or completely eliminating, pain with lasting relief. This technology, along with a unique care and cost model, make our approach the most effective and appealing way to treat chronic pain. See our patient reviews.   

We are the only clinic in the world that performs treatment with Scrambler Therapy (previously called Calmare) exclusively.  Because of this, we’ve developed a level of expertise not found in most other clinics. We’ve also coupled this technology with a start-to-finish care model that ensures consistency, optimizes outcomes, and provides a patient experience unmatched anywhere. Our unique payment model, offered exclusively at Radiant, makes Scrambler Therapy®  affordable while simultaneously promoting the optimal access to treatment for even the most severe chronic pain. For these reasons, patients seek us out, traveling from out of state, or out of country, because they trust Radiant Pain Relief Centres with their care.  We offer a free evaluation and Scrambler Therapy® session, so patients can feel confident that this therapy can help them before they invest anything. Most patients tell us that this is the best investment they’ve ever made in the management of their chronic pain and perhaps in their healthcare all together.  

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What to Expect

Many of our patients have been dealing with chronic pain for many months, years or decades. They have tried a variety of solutions but have not found satisfactory pain relief. For many this has caused a sense of discouragement, which can be as frustrating and difficult as the pain itself. At Radiant Pain Relief Centres, individuals find a team of caring, compassionate staff that understands the difficulties of living in chronic pain. Through a highly refined, patient-centered care model that combines skillful patient communication and application of sophisticated FDA-cleared Scrambler Therapy®, patients can experience profound pain relief with lasting results.

Radiant Pain Relief Centres’ treatment does not use drugs, needles or surgery, but rather administers mild electrical impulses, which replicate normal, healthy nerve communications. These impulses communicate with and retrain how the brain perceives the chronic pain messages. The result is total or near total pain relief, which becomes lasting through the principles of neuroplasticity.

In most cases, significant pain relief is experienced in the first treatment session. Over a series of consecutive daily treatments for about 2-3 weeks, patients experience total or near total pain relief with results lasting for 30-90 days on average. Periodic booster treatments are administered when necessary to maintain optimal, ongoing relief.

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Is This Right For You?

If you’re dealing with chronic pain, and particularly if that pain is negatively affecting your daily life, we’d like to hear from you. Many of our patients have tried a variety of treatment options which have not adequately relieved their pain. On a daily basis we’re able to help relieve pain for patients who had previously felt there was no hope. Read about how Radiant’s therapy has changed the lives of so many patients.

We offer a complimentary consultation, which typically includes a treatment session at no cost. We want everyone who is dealing with chronic pain to experience our care approach. Not everyone is a candidate and not every course of treatment is 100% successful, but we’d love the opportunity to talk to you and see if you can experience the profound lasting relief that so many of our patients continue to experience.

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